Setting the Scene, some family history

Jewish blood originates from my mother’s side of the family, not too much of a surprise since my grandmother looks “Albanian”. Looking the part is not enough for me, I want to search deeper.

Let’s do the math, great great grandfather, that is 4 generations back. He was probably born in the mid 1800’s, born or traveled to China somehow, probably for business and trade reasons.

Exhibit 1: My maternal grandmother at her youth

The mystery continues…Until next time….

Crashed the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society member meeting…

Being on Twitter really pays off! I found Linda Frank author of After the Auction on Twitter. Saw her tweet about her talk at the SFBAJGS so I decided to pay a special visit. The meeting was held at Beth Israel in South San Francisco, a drive I have taken before to a nearby golf course.

As soon as I walked into the meeting, I got stares and questions of “are you in the right place?” I am Asian female so definitely looked a bit out of place….in a Synagogue. After I explained my reason for being there “searching for a Jewish great great grandfather”…I was welcomed with open arms.

Some random observations:

1. Only Asian

2. Youngest attendee by at least about 15-20 years (I always knew I’m mature for my age)

3. Everyone is passionate about Jewish genealogy

I walked away with so many resources and even got invited to a American Jewish Committee of San Francisco Board Meeting on my birthday on July 18 by Linda Frank. I accepted the invitation immediately. There is also a Jewish library that I will need to check out….

Everyone that I have met so far has been so supportive of my search….can’t wait to dive in more deeply.

Thank you also to Janice Sellers for sending along the contact info of Peter Nash, a famous China Jews expert…

Until next time…:)

Join me on my journey to solve the mystery of my family….

My first blog at 29 years old. I am behind the times in the internet and digital age. It is never too late to start and catch up.

So, Allofasuddenpartjew project is now official. I have my official blog, twitter, and who knows what else will come up in this upcoming exciting journey.

My journey starts in San Francisco, California where I discovered my family has some non-Chinese blood. It turned out to be Jewish of all groups. Now I’m hungry for more knowledge on Jews, Jewish culture, history, and beliefs while furthering Chinese and Jewish relations without politics.

More info to come!