Experience First World Asia in Korea and Japan

So you want to relocate to Asia Part 5: Japan and the Korea

This is no April Fools joke, I have never been to Japan or Korea. They are both top destinations on my list of places to go. So, will get there soon enough since I’m much closer now than before.

I have read a lot about Korea and Japan, below is the condensed version with resources from around the web.

Note: Korea here refers to South Korea only.

Best Selling Point: Korea and Japan are both advanced economies in Asia with unique Asian cultures

  • Japan is a member of the original G7 of world most developed economies (high standard of living)
  • Korea is the 14th ranked economy in the world by nominal GDP (high standard of living)
  • Japan and Korea both have their own distinctive culture, language, and way of life that is unique in Asia

Worst Selling Point: mmmm, I’m not sure if there is one here but below are some of what I have heard

  • Living in Japan can be rewarding but socially isolating if you do not learn some Japanese and make an effort
  • Japanese people drink a lot, so do Koreans
  • Japan is earthquake and tsunami country!
  • Korea’s neighbor is North Korea, who knows what is going to happen there next

Below is a selection of sites on Japan and Korea for relocations


Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossoms in the Spring

Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossoms in the Spring


Seoul in the Night

Next installment will be the final process or system to approach moving to Asia.  There are so many different perspectives, but hopefully mine will be the simplest and the most efficient. We shall see!