Help! Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform? (Reconstructionist)

Dear friends,

Thank you for reading!

This is an open letter to ask for some feedback.

Its been almost two years since my journey into Judaism.  I have experienced almost all the major movements in Judaism. Modern Orthodox at Ohel Leah Hong Kong, Reform/Progressive at United Congregation of Hong Kong, and Chabad at Shanghai.  Have not experienced the Conservative sect but heard it is somewhere in between Orthodox and Reform. If anyone knows of a Conservative Temple in Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York City, and/or Dallas – do pass the word.

Am asking because am at a point of deciding which one works for me and sticking to it for the long-term. At this point in time, I feel that Modern Orthodox is the best fit for me, I feel more connected to Ohel Leah in Hong Kong.

Would like to get some feedback on which sect your are with, why you choose it, and any suggestions. I’ll write more about how I feel about each and make a final decision by mid-summer.

I’m open to all types so don’t feel shy if you are not Modern Orthodox. Any feedback is welcomed.

Talk soon!