Frustrated but not defeated…

Last week, my mom’s DNA results came back. I took one look at it and thought this can’t be right.  She is showing to be 1/2 Japanese.

I’m getting a little frustrated right now as 2 DNA tests have come back empty….no signs of Jewish heritage.  Many thoughts are going through my head….Should I continue my search? Am I really part Jewish? Why do I care so much? etc. etc. etc.

I thought through some alternative methods to find and trace my Jewish ancestor.  23andme has a great online community.  I started a thread re: Chinese people with some Jewish heritage.  I got some great feedback from folks who are DNA experts. To my surprise, there is software that I can use to do additional/personal analysis on my raw DNA data.

Another method is to travel to China and do some field research, testing, and analysis.  Friends have given me names of China Jew experts, Israeli China Jewish tour organizers, and last but not least, I have a cousin who works for the Chinese government who I can possibly ask for help.

I’m really passionate about this.  Though frustrated with a few setbacks, I will not give up.  Quitting something that I’m passionate about is not what I’m about.  This journey will be continued……;)

(me in Hong Kong on a red junk)

Do DNA Tests Really Work?

Do DNA Tests Really Work?

I recently decided to take a chance and joined 23andme, a DNA testing service.  I provided a spit sample and 2 months later was provided with an analysis of what my heritage supposedly is made off.  It was not as detailed as I would have liked.  23andme groups people of middle east heritage with the Asian population so I came out 100% Asian according to their analysis.  My great-great-grandfather, that is 4 generations back and is probably difficult to test for.

So what did I decide to do?

I tested my mom as well!  Using Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder service. This is a bit different from 23andme, in that, it has the largest database of DNA for Jews. (This was what I was told). Family Tree DNA requested swabs from inside your mouth, not spit, another differentiator.  Now I am just waiting for the results to see if my mom’s DNA has any matches with existing Jews in Family Tree DNA’s database.

So exciting!

Have you had a DNA experience?