The Chamber of Secrets has been opened….(at work)

It will be 2 years at (unnamed financial services company) next week, the 28th of October to be exact. Too many developments to name but one stands out and that is metaphorically speaking, the Chamber of Secrets has been opened.

Colleagues now know my true reasons for being there; to make the world a better place, starting with the financial services industry and serving God. I’ve seen many become better people with their priorities in the right order, God and character above everything else (I.e. Money, power, status, looks, etc. All shallow things). 

The reveal was done in a similar manner as prior large change initiatives–making things go viral. Disruptions are happening at a faster pace with technology becoming better and better and God allows it to. 

Haters have almost if not all disappeared. It’s as if people know that my true intentions are pure and not at all self serving. I’m glad because it is a much better work environment for everyone.

More to come ✌🏼️😊❤️


Dealing with Haters in 2016

There are firsts for everything in 2016, one of these is that I’m starting to have haters at ‘work’…Haters in the plural!

At first it was a shock, why would people talk &$@8 behind my back? They have no idea what the truth of the matter is but assume the worst. Trying to destroy your reputation for things that you are doing with great intentions…After some reflection, I had to take a step back and deal with this new state of life.

If you try to do anything of significance, you are naturally bound to run into people who don’t agree, that’s life. I need to get used to this new ‘normal’ and rise above this firestorm of negativity…I can’t please everyone, someone will be upset. That’s too bad. The best thing I can do is to ignore and keep on marching. 

Defending myself while keeping peace will be my approach to maneuver this new found normal. Big things to come at big finance firm this year!😀 super excited, you should all see the results by next year. God and my work….stay tuned!

p.s I foresee much more haters before our work is done. 



Brand New Day; New Beginnings in 2016

First day of 2016! I write this blog post in a Taiwan Cafe; surrounded by the busy traffic of Taipei. 

How did another year go by so fast?? The speed of the world’s development is moving faster and faster. 2015 is a year of evolution and personal growth for allofasuddenpartJew. I’ve committed to this for four years now….proud of my own fortune and fortitude. 😜 There has been ups and downs but only noise on the grander scale of world’s evolution. I’m glad I’ve stayed the course as my faith in God is growing stronger day by day. 

A recap of key events and happenings below:

  • Going through training at a big finance firm to practice for the next chapter
  • Getting closer to God ever and ever
  • Understanding God better and better and his/her direction…it is an art all in itself
  • Continuing my journey of “never stop learning”
  • We are closer and closer to the ultimate redemption

2016 will be a year of seeing the past four years coming together. God’s always close to us and guiding us in his ways. We’ve all got to pay closer attention to his direction for us. As I set my new year resolutions, I urge you all to do the same. 

Let’s be better in 2016: 

  • Love thy neighbour. 
  • Be less materialistic. 
  • Nurture and take care of the earth and the vast resources God has created for us. 
  • Do not waste food, products, anything that is produced from the earth. 
  • Reuse, Recycle, Reduce
  • Last but not least, wait on God’s timing. That’s when the best things happen

See you in 2016! ❤️❤️



Weekend in Tokyo – Costumes and Delectable Bites


Greetings from Tokyo! I was there for Halloween and saw the madness of Japanese gouls, rainbow coloured costumes and ant-liked crowded streets. 

There is a new Chabad-Lubavich in Tokyo. Planned to attend a Saturday Kiddish service. 

I stayed in Chuo-Ku, near the Tsukiji Fish Market. There is a brand new luxury apartment building called ‘The Tokyo Towers’, the home for the past weekend. It’s been awhile since I visited Tokyo and the yearning came up so just had to do something about it….

Took lots of time to explore the food culture. The above bowl of ramen was from a shop outside the JR Yoyogi Train Station. The eggs were perfectly cooked with the yolk still watery….. Yum. OK, so I broke kosher rules and had pork ramen in pork broth. The seaweed was crispy and the ‘healthy’ portion of the meal. This was so yummy my taste buds were thanking me afterwards, maybe not my muscles.

Over the course of the semi-long weekend, I walked over 25 KM, a first for me in Tokyo! Walking is so healthy and a conscious activity for your mind, body and soul. I highly recommend walking more if you could! 

Thanks to the Higher Being, what was forecasted as a raining and gloomy weekend turned out to be sunny with clear skies. Thank you from the bottom of my human heart!  

This here is the Rokuien Gardens in northern Tokyo. I took a morning walking and relaxing here. It was such a relaxing trip. Saw many ducks and giant goldfish!

Massive gold or grey fish galore. I wonder what and how much they eat to get this big!  

Last but not least, a trip to Japan would not be  complete without sushi!

Halloween Flavor from  Baskin Robbins 
Oh…and Halloween-flavoured ice cream from Baskin Robbins Japan. 😋😋🙊

It was a great weekend getaway! 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵


Guardian Angels and Dreamers

Has anyone ever experienced having a guardian angel? I will share my experience. 

Recently God sent me a Guardian Angel. His appearance has made me very grateful and happy. He has great qualities. Namely a sense of urgency and detail-oriented(ness). Qualities that I admire because I don’t have them.😔

Guardian angels are helping you in the background. Please note that God has perfect timing–when things are slow and when they are fast. We should respect God’s timing and not push too hard too soon — when it’s not the right time yet.🙏 

These recent events in life has conjured up memories of a beloved cartoon of my adolescence. I was addicted to a certain Japanese animated TV show called ‘Sailor Moon’. The main character was a clumsy school girl named Serena (Usagi meaning bunny in Japanese). She was reincarnated again on earth to save the world. Anyway, long plot short; it was a good training/preview video for me as a young girl. Everyone should check it out–recently it has been remade in computer CG. Super exciting for the hard core fans!

Until next time,




Is there a Jewish cure for flu?

Dear readers,

I am writing this week from the comfort of my iPhone and bed. Somehow on the way back to Hong Kong, I caught the flu. I am resting now and recovering. It takes 14 days so will just be a hermit for another week or so.

Some things on my mind this week are my upcoming trip to Israel. Major issues in the Jewish world and what we can do to improve it. Lastly, how I need to recover from flu this week so I can make a Junk Trip that I signed up for next Saturday (😄). (google Hong Kong junk trips for more info)

Until next week readers!

Qing Ming, Seth Cohen, Limmud Shanghai & More

Hi all, this week I am reporting live from Shanghai, China!

I’m here this week for reasons two-fold.  First, the Chinese holiday Qing Ming, the Day to honor our ancestors.  I visited my grandparents’ gravesite with family, made offerings of food, burned candles, offered money and said prayers in their honor.  Second, I’m here for Limmud Shanghai conference.  Per my previous post Limmud was awesome and so was Mr. Clive Lawton, this is my second Limmud conference in my continuous beginner’s Jewish journey.

The first day of Limmud Shanghai took place in the ancient town of Qibao (七宝) literally translated to mean the city of Seven Treasures.  I met Jewish friends from all over the world, England, Israel, United States, etc.  It was fun to attend all the various educational sessions. A sampling of them can be found here. A highlight of the first two days was I got to meet the well-spoken Mr. Seth Cohen. (BTW Follow him on Twitter @sethacohen33) Mr. Cohen, Director of Network Initiatives at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation gave a talk on Using your Networks to Create Collective Impact-a session that was as interesting as it was insightful.  His session reminded me of a recent book that I read called Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell. Mr. Cohen is very inclusive and made everyone feel involved in his interactive learning experience.  He pointed out that while organizations are valuable in their own right, it is the individuals who often serve as the “Tipping Point” in creating worthwhile change.  I second his POV.

After lunch on Day 2, I was able to grab a few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk.  He was very curious about how I got my Twitter name allofasuddenpartJew and I told him the family story. Personally, I find Mr. Cohen to be a very nice human being, plenty kind and generous. From him, I learned a few lessons.  I need to write more, more often, and regularly.  More opinion pieces on the Jewish world from my Chinese perspective.  He said himself that he was a blogger first before he joined the Schusterman Family Foundation.  His writing gave the older Jewish community a perspective they otherwise would never see.  We need more people like him!

As of now it is still Shabbat, I am at home writing this blog post.  Tonight, I plan to have dinner with some Shanghai friends and then attend the Limmud Young Professionals Happy Hour.  Tomorrow will be a packed agenda. It is the Destination Shanghai portion titled Global Jewish Responsibility: Shanghai, The Jewish People and JDC.  Per the Limmud pamphlet, “This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Hongkou Ghetto and is an appropriate moment to examine the unique relationship of Shanghai with the Jewish people, past, present, and future.” There will be a guided tour through the ghetto, several lectures, and a Special Memorial Day Event commemorating this anniversary.  I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and share with you all!

Happy weekend! xoxo



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