Weekend in Tokyo – Costumes and Delectable Bites


Greetings from Tokyo! I was there for Halloween and saw the madness of Japanese gouls, rainbow coloured costumes and ant-liked crowded streets. 

There is a new Chabad-Lubavich in Tokyo. Planned to attend a Saturday Kiddish service. 

I stayed in Chuo-Ku, near the Tsukiji Fish Market. There is a brand new luxury apartment building called ‘The Tokyo Towers’, the home for the past weekend. It’s been awhile since I visited Tokyo and the yearning came up so just had to do something about it….

Took lots of time to explore the food culture. The above bowl of ramen was from a shop outside the JR Yoyogi Train Station. The eggs were perfectly cooked with the yolk still watery….. Yum. OK, so I broke kosher rules and had pork ramen in pork broth. The seaweed was crispy and the ‘healthy’ portion of the meal. This was so yummy my taste buds were thanking me afterwards, maybe not my muscles.

Over the course of the semi-long weekend, I walked over 25 KM, a first for me in Tokyo! Walking is so healthy and a conscious activity for your mind, body and soul. I highly recommend walking more if you could! 

Thanks to the Higher Being, what was forecasted as a raining and gloomy weekend turned out to be sunny with clear skies. Thank you from the bottom of my human heart!  

This here is the Rokuien Gardens in northern Tokyo. I took a morning walking and relaxing here. It was such a relaxing trip. Saw many ducks and giant goldfish!

Massive gold or grey fish galore. I wonder what and how much they eat to get this big!  

Last but not least, a trip to Japan would not be  complete without sushi!

Halloween Flavor from  Baskin Robbins 
Oh…and Halloween-flavoured ice cream from Baskin Robbins Japan. 😋😋🙊

It was a great weekend getaway! 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵


Memories of my Gifted Grandmother-Father’s Side of the Family

At the beginning of this Chinese and Jewish journey, I introduced everyone to my maternal heritage. That’s just half of the ancestry puzzle. What about my paternal lineage?  

The above beautiful woman is my paternal grandmother during her youth. She is originally from Sichuan province, the Chinese province famous for its spicy hot pot cuisine and pretty girls. I have limited memories of her; mainly she used to pick me up from school and walk me back home. She was in her 70s when I knew of her closely. She was a very patient and caring woman. During the Cultural Revolution, my grandfather could not find work for a long period of time, it drove my grandmother insane and much more after his death. I like to equate the Chinese Cultural Revolution to the Jewish Holocaust–so many innocent lives lost in a few years. It was the greatest traumatic event in both cultures’ history. 

My grandmother was a gifted musician, she attended the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and lived composing new tunes. Wish there was iPhones during her lifetime so we could enjoy some of her classics. 💃☺️ My father’s side is a large family of 5 brothers and sisters. Most of the aunts and uncles live in Shanghai with one living in Xi’an. Grandfather came from Shangdong province, known for noodles and tall handsome men. He passed away when my mom was pregnant with me so I never had a chance to meet him in person. 

Our surname is very unique and rare in China and the Chinese language; it is 矯 pronounced Jiao (third tone) in Mandarin Chinese. It has a special meaning of rectify and fix or ‘tikkun’ in Hebrew. What a match! 😜 The Creator is so smart!

Until next time



Guardian Angels and Dreamers

Has anyone ever experienced having a guardian angel? I will share my experience. 

Recently God sent me a Guardian Angel. His appearance has made me very grateful and happy. He has great qualities. Namely a sense of urgency and detail-oriented(ness). Qualities that I admire because I don’t have them.😔

Guardian angels are helping you in the background. Please note that God has perfect timing–when things are slow and when they are fast. We should respect God’s timing and not push too hard too soon — when it’s not the right time yet.🙏 

These recent events in life has conjured up memories of a beloved cartoon of my adolescence. I was addicted to a certain Japanese animated TV show called ‘Sailor Moon’. The main character was a clumsy school girl named Serena (Usagi meaning bunny in Japanese). She was reincarnated again on earth to save the world. Anyway, long plot short; it was a good training/preview video for me as a young girl. Everyone should check it out–recently it has been remade in computer CG. Super exciting for the hard core fans!

Until next time,




Yom Tov – Tu B’Shvat


Thanks to Chabad’s creative photo, I like to wish everyone a Yom Tov Tu B’Shvat.


Moller Villa — A Small Piece of Jewish Shanghai


A quick greeting from Shanghai, China! I’m checking out the Moller Villa part of Jewish Shanghai.


Merry Christmas to Christian friends worldwide


On this Christmas Day, December 25, 2013, I would like to reflect on the power of one man’s birthday. Jesus was a great Jew who brought together many people to the one true G-d.



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