Weekend in Tokyo – Costumes and Delectable Bites


Greetings from Tokyo! I was there for Halloween and saw the madness of Japanese gouls, rainbow coloured costumes and ant-liked crowded streets. 

There is a new Chabad-Lubavich in Tokyo. Planned to attend a Saturday Kiddish service. 

I stayed in Chuo-Ku, near the Tsukiji Fish Market. There is a brand new luxury apartment building called ‘The Tokyo Towers’, the home for the past weekend. It’s been awhile since I visited Tokyo and the yearning came up so just had to do something about it….

Took lots of time to explore the food culture. The above bowl of ramen was from a shop outside the JR Yoyogi Train Station. The eggs were perfectly cooked with the yolk still watery….. Yum. OK, so I broke kosher rules and had pork ramen in pork broth. The seaweed was crispy and the ‘healthy’ portion of the meal. This was so yummy my taste buds were thanking me afterwards, maybe not my muscles.

Over the course of the semi-long weekend, I walked over 25 KM, a first for me in Tokyo! Walking is so healthy and a conscious activity for your mind, body and soul. I highly recommend walking more if you could! 

Thanks to the Higher Being, what was forecasted as a raining and gloomy weekend turned out to be sunny with clear skies. Thank you from the bottom of my human heart!  

This here is the Rokuien Gardens in northern Tokyo. I took a morning walking and relaxing here. It was such a relaxing trip. Saw many ducks and giant goldfish!

Massive gold or grey fish galore. I wonder what and how much they eat to get this big!  

Last but not least, a trip to Japan would not be  complete without sushi!

Halloween Flavor from  Baskin Robbins 
Oh…and Halloween-flavoured ice cream from Baskin Robbins Japan. 😋😋🙊

It was a great weekend getaway! 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵


Memories of my Gifted Grandmother-Father’s Side of the Family

At the beginning of this Chinese and Jewish journey, I introduced everyone to my maternal heritage. That’s just half of the ancestry puzzle. What about my paternal lineage?  

The above beautiful woman is my paternal grandmother during her youth. She is originally from Sichuan province, the Chinese province famous for its spicy hot pot cuisine and pretty girls. I have limited memories of her; mainly she used to pick me up from school and walk me back home. She was in her 70s when I knew of her closely. She was a very patient and caring woman. During the Cultural Revolution, my grandfather could not find work for a long period of time, it drove my grandmother insane and much more after his death. I like to equate the Chinese Cultural Revolution to the Jewish Holocaust–so many innocent lives lost in a few years. It was the greatest traumatic event in both cultures’ history. 

My grandmother was a gifted musician, she attended the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and lived composing new tunes. Wish there was iPhones during her lifetime so we could enjoy some of her classics. 💃☺️ My father’s side is a large family of 5 brothers and sisters. Most of the aunts and uncles live in Shanghai with one living in Xi’an. Grandfather came from Shangdong province, known for noodles and tall handsome men. He passed away when my mom was pregnant with me so I never had a chance to meet him in person. 

Our surname is very unique and rare in China and the Chinese language; it is 矯 pronounced Jiao (third tone) in Mandarin Chinese. It has a special meaning of rectify and fix or ‘tikkun’ in Hebrew. What a match! 😜 The Creator is so smart!

Until next time



Beware of: Fake ‘high status’ People

The world is overrun with a ‘certain’ breed of people. I’ll refer to them as ‘fake high status people’. These mostly exist in large metropolitan areas with a high per capital income or they can exist in smaller towns and neighbourhoods. If they are the way they are because of lack of direction and leadership, I am here to set the record straight. God and I don’t like these type of people because they are all smoke and mirrors. Exception is in the workplace where we must be our professional fake selfs. Materialistic cities like Hong Kong are overrun with them.

Fake high status people have the following characteristics:

  • Masters at setting perceptions of how they will appear to others
  • Obesessed with social status or anything similar that reeks of materialism
  • Will say their schedule is booked full when in reality it is not 
  • Leads self with pride and greed instead of serving God
  • Not afraid to call other people out but shocked when others call them out
  • Obsessed with showing up as high value in the “physical world” where it doesn’t matter and truly low value in God’s eyes
  • Key is this: high status in the human world is all fake. You’ve got to work on your souls.

Society is exacerbated when they exhibit the additional following traits:

  • Act and think like they are better than others
  • Expects you to serve them or do things for them when they haven’t much to offer 
  • Like to ‘use’ other people 
  • Exploit others’ vulnerabilities and weaknesses for their own selfish gains

Granted, no one is perfect. We all exhibit some of these from time to time. If any of these sounds BAU, I urge you to confess and ask God for forgiveness! Work on your souls; rather than material possessions and power.

Remember: soul excellence over material excellence.   

Throwback to Chabad House of Tokyo Japan in 2013. What a great trip!

Guardian Angels and Dreamers

Has anyone ever experienced having a guardian angel? I will share my experience. 

Recently God sent me a Guardian Angel. His appearance has made me very grateful and happy. He has great qualities. Namely a sense of urgency and detail-oriented(ness). Qualities that I admire because I don’t have them.😔

Guardian angels are helping you in the background. Please note that God has perfect timing–when things are slow and when they are fast. We should respect God’s timing and not push too hard too soon — when it’s not the right time yet.🙏 

These recent events in life has conjured up memories of a beloved cartoon of my adolescence. I was addicted to a certain Japanese animated TV show called ‘Sailor Moon’. The main character was a clumsy school girl named Serena (Usagi meaning bunny in Japanese). She was reincarnated again on earth to save the world. Anyway, long plot short; it was a good training/preview video for me as a young girl. Everyone should check it out–recently it has been remade in computer CG. Super exciting for the hard core fans!

Until next time,




(Just a bit past) Mid-Year Update from allofasuddenpartJew

Wow, it’s already September (here in Hong Kong)! The summer is almost gone, just 2 more months of scorching humidity.

The theme for my first half of 2015 is Personal Growth. We never stop evolving–like everything that’s created in this universe. Change is a constant of life and we should all embrace a change for the better.

My job at a big finance firm has kept me very busy. It is the training ground for the next step in my purpose – changing the world. I can’t go into specific details but it is a dress rehearsal on a smaller scale of ‘the assignment’ for the Higher Being. 

Life is going great😄. I’ve picked up a few new hobbies that is getting regular practice — namely horseback riding, baking and flower arrangement. I find all three incredibly relaxing and gives a powerful connection to nature and surroundings. 

From a spritual perspective, I feel my soul quality is improving. Growing closer and closer to God, his direction and his protection. I can feel and see the change and am very grateful for it. 🙏

Ultimately, we all know where this is leading — the acknowledgement of truth of life and humanity. This is waiting for us and should complete within 5-7 years. Please stay tuned and I thank you for your continued support.


2014: What A Year of New Discoveries and Projects

It’s year end again and time for my annual year in review blog post.

2014 was the Chinese Year of the Horse. What was I up to in my Jewish life? Let’s see….

Major accomplishments include:

  • Graduated from my Master of Arts in Chinese Studies Program
  • Partnered with the Schusterman Family Foundation on a Chinese and Jewish friendship event
  • Realized my future path is not in NYC with Tikvah Fellowship but more banking in Hong Kong
  • Kicking off my “Help Chinese realize the Chinese Dream” project by allofasuddenpartJew

God is preparing me for a future battle with many ups and downs. I see all the signs…don’t you?

2015 will be an exciting year — I already see challenges in my day-to-day job that will prep me for “other things”.

See you in 2015!



The Chinese Dream: Myth or Reality? Why does it matter?

Market positioning is a concept in business defined by the Business Dictionary as “an effort to influence consumer perception of a brand or product relative to perception of competing brands or products. Its objective is to occupy a clear, unique and advantageous position in the consumers’ mind.”

This concept is fluid and moves beyond the business space into politics. Nations, institutions, and NGOs also perform this activity to stay competitive in the world space, China is also in that bucket. For those that have been keeping up with News about China, you probably have heard of Xi Jinping’s ‘Chinese Dream.’ If you do not keep up with China news, the Chinese dream is realizing the great renewal of the Chinese nation in modern history. Similar to the continuous Jewish civilization, the Chinese have 5000 years of pride in their heritage and they want to capitalize that in the modern times. I don’t blame them, I would too.

Now you may ask why does this relate to allofasuddenpartJew? What is the connection?

It overlaps is my answer.

Realizing the Chinese dream, first comes overcoming many internal challenges that I outlined in my last blog post. Getting back into market positioning earlier – this is how I will position myself and efforts. Align with the goals of the Chinese dream to get buy-in and people behind me. That’s the connection. Make sense? Now the government and I share the same mission and goals, to see a China as a better country, setting the way for the world. Here is a quote from Xi Jinping’s Speech about the Chinese Dream.

Our responsibility is to unite and lead people of the entire party and of all ethnic groups around the country while accepting the baton of history and continuing to work for realising the great revival of the Chinese nation in order to let the Chinese nation stand more firmly and powerfully among all nations around the world and make a greater contribution to mankind.”

Xi Jinping and my ideals match perfectly. We will make great partners in the future. You will soon see that it is reality; not a myth.

:) until next time.

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